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Just a girl in the dessert of Phoenix, Arizona. This blog is my space to share things I am unbelievably passionate about in my life. Here you will find recipes, do it yourself projects, my thoughts on different products, things I am absolutely loving, and come along with me through my walk in faith.

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xoxo, Tayler

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Out of the box idea for gaining pantry space in a small living environment.

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From Closet to Walk-In Pantry – DIY

DIY Apartment Walk-In Pantry Under $50       One of the biggest downsides to living in an apartment, for me personally, is there never seems to be enough space in the kitchen for appliances and food storage. When we decided to renew our lease another year, the time...

My Top Go-To Essential Oils

Essential Oils have been my JAM lately. They are so helpful for immune and emotional support, skincare, cleaning and so much more. I get all my oils through ( not sponsored and not an MLM, ya girl just loves the company) . Art Naturals...